Will Voice over IP replace traditional telephony?
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Will Voice over IP replace traditional telephony?

Voice over IP

“Communication is the future of business technology.”

Telephone systems are necessary for businesses of any size to maintain consistent communication with suppliers, customers, and their business contacts. In fact, the world market has been disrupted in recent years by internet calling. Notice that cloud phones were once thought to be for personal use, but they are now being used widely in businesses. But do you think Voice over IP can really replace traditional phone service?

It is true that Cloud telephony is gaining popularity without a doubt. It is anticipated to be the telecom industry’s future. Businesses of all kinds are switching to this internet-based network as it not only provides cheaper connections but also opens up global communications at a low cost. Businesses profit from the versatile combination of data and voice capability. It is assertive that technology continues to advance in the future. In addition, organizations are able to take advantage of all of the innovative calling features that their business phone service providers offer.

Let us examine how features in cloud phones are improving communications!

What is cloud telephony?

Calling through the internet enables calls to work over the internet, and the standard name is Voice over Internet Protocol. While considering personal use, this is popular for using Whatsapp, Skype, and other messengers to make calls and send texts. 

Internet calling is now used in both large and small businesses as a result of advanced technology. Cloud phones come with headsets and desktop phones or as software in the form of an app downloaded to your phone or laptop.

Why invest in cloud technology for business calling services?

There are numerous advantages if a business switches to cloud calling. The reduction in expenses is the primary factor here. A company’s operating expenses can be reduced greatly. Businesses can save a lump sum by eliminating additional equipment, installation, and maintenance.

Internet calling offers improved call quality and this is another reason many businesses decide to upgrade. When compared to conventional telephone systems, cloud telephony typically offers better quality because it makes use of packet data rather than analog lines.

Its adaptability is the third major factor. It allows you to add more phone lines to your telephone system. However, Cloud calling allows you to simply add a handset and an additional line. For even more adaptability and mobility, you can even use a softphone app.

Now, let us compare the Voice over IP calling and traditional landlines and how they are different from each other.

Cost Effectiveness:

If you compare it to traditional landlines, the cloud is significantly more affordable. Today, cloud phones are available to even small businesses that too without a contract. Since the source is packet-switching technology, communications are more sustainable and limitless. Businesses can save between 50 and 75 percent (what they were paying for copper wired networks) by switching to the cloud.

Quality of the Call:

In the past few years, cloud phones did not provide the necessary business call quality. However, IP networks are now able to connect phone calls at a high speed and transmit clear audio. This indicates that cloud telephony works well on its way to replacing the traditional phone line in businesses. With the assurance of modern technology, small businesses can switch to the cloud with ease knowing that the quality will not be affected.

International Calling:

Cloud phones are significantly less expensive and more reliable than traditional phone calls. The majority of cloud phone solution plans include free international calling. It allows you to easily communicate with required contacts throughout the world. Although internet technology is not new to us, cloud telephony is specially tailored with respect to unified communications as a service. It enables you to call worldwide at very low costs.


The telephone is the most common method businesses prefer to communicate with customers. Cloud phone services, in contrast to landlines, allow you to keep your old phone number even if your business moves offices. Also, most business phone providers port your existing phone number to the cloud. This ensures customer and employee consistency.

Work from Home:

Remote working is one of the best features that the landline does not have. It has changed the entire work culture of the world, shifting everything home. Remote working culture helps companies as well as employees to save valuable money and time. Employees can text, make audio and video calls, share files and even conduct meetings virtually. All the actions are carried out in the cloud platform and the complete data is stored by the business phone service provider.

But, on the other hand, the traditional phone system only uses copper wires; it cannot compete with cloud technology in this case. With internet enabled calling on the other hand allows you to make calls from anywhere in the world. Because all you need is a strong and high-speed internet connection. Employees can reach easily, cloud calling is ideal for remote work.

Extinction of Landline in business:

Let’s make it simple! We can confirm that cloud phones can take the place of landlines, especially with regard to business communications. It is an obvious alternative. and small businesses can benefit from additional features by implementing cheaper and better communications.Voice over IP

The role of SIP Trunking:

The most widely used system on IP networks that every sized business installs are SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking. It is a popular Voice over internet protocol that provides all types of media functionality. If you intend to connect PBX telephone systems to international networks, you must replace PSTN phone lines. SIP is designed to perform all of the functions of traditional phone lines that include call forwarding, call holding, and call transfers. It is very adaptable in fact. It is completely flexible to users enabling them to join or leave calls at any time.

Typically, SIP trunking providers provide numbers and lines to their customers. Those numbers are comparable to that of traditional telecommunications providers. However, it is important to notice that there is no physical hardware installation. Simultaneously, the call cost is significantly less. SIP trunking can be combined with other IP functions on a dedicated line or a virtual private network in order to establish connections. With the use of SIP trunking, the company only pays for the lines it uses. This system is scalable and it can easily handle rising call volumes. 


Vitel Global India is one of the leading Cloud business phone providers, our team of analysts says that it is unstoppable for today’s businesses to switch their business phone systems to cloud telephony. Internet calling offers businesses the go-ahead now. 

Cloud supports Omni presence for remote workers and calls management features for business managers. All business operations in the future will be implemented over the cloud by service providers. That even includes security systems. The service providers will need to upgrade their services with more effective, affordable, and customized plans to make cloud calling prevalent.

However, if you decide to switch your business communications to cloud telephony now, you will be able to reap its benefits as soon as possible. You have more options to pay less and get better call quality with 99.99% network uptime.

Vitel Global India is a cloud-based phone solution that is best in class and includes fully secured, cross-channel communication. It enables your agents to seamlessly shift support interactions from one channel to the next. See how it works to learn how Vitel Global India can help you to choose the right communication. Why not request a free demo today?

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