Image Encryption using AES Algorithm
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Image Encryption using AES Algorithm

Image Encryption using AES Algorithm


Find out how the AES algorithm is used for image encryption and how it can help keep your photos and images safe.




Image encryption is a process of encoding pictures or images so that they can be securely stored or transferred. Encoding usually means turning ordinary ideas into an unreadable format and restoring them to their original form once needed.

Although there are many other algorithms for picture encryption, steganography and cryptography are some of the more used ones. Steganography is a technique for encrypting images and concealing data so only those with the correct key can decipher them. Using mathematical formulas to secure and safeguard digital communication is known as cryptography.


Even though it could seem difficult at first, image encryption is more accessible if you know the fundamentals. Encryption can be used, for instance, to prevent images from being stolen by burglars or published online in a public manner. Additionally, you can utilize it to protect private files like medical records or individual photos.


AES- based Encryption Algorithm 


One of the most sensitive forms of data is images, so it’s crucial to safeguard them with the proper encryption algorithm. You can use a variety of different methods to encrypt your photographs, and each has advantages and disadvantages of its own.


AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), used in many commercial programs, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, is one well-known algorithm. Without the correct password, it is exceedingly challenging for unauthorized users to decode your photos because AES is incredibly secure and is resistant to brute force attacks.


AES encryption algorithm uses a 128-bit key to encrypt data. The algorithm takes data of any size and converts it into an encrypted form. The encryption process is then repeated with the new key, resulting in an encrypted version of the data that can only be read using the correct key.

Why is Image Encryption necessary?


  1. It can protect images from being stolen or accidentally disclosed.  
  2. It can help to keep personal information confidential. 
  3. It can help to protect images from being used in fraudulent activities such as online fraud or identity theft.
  4. You must create a key pair to encrypt an image using the AES algorithm. The keypair will contain both the encryption and decryption keys for the image.
  5. You will need to encrypt the image using the encryption key and store it in a secure location. You will then need to use the decryption key to decrypt the image and view it on your computer or device.




Image encryption using the AES algorithm is a secure method of preventing unauthorized access to photos. The approach employs symmetric-key cryptography, which encrypts and decrypts data using the same key. Since there is no longer a requirement for a unique key for every user, image encryption is more secure.

The algorithm effectively hides the image data and makes it impossible for anyone to access or view it. Additionally, it ensures that the image is not tampered with.


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