13 top tips for entrepreneurs in the field of technology

13 top tips for entrepreneurs in the field of technology

As an educator, entrepreneur of mentorship, and Director of Wayra, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many entrepreneurs looking for the secret success formula. There isn’t a formula that is universally applicable to every person. However, I believe I can offer a variety of suggestions to help get around (or, at the very least, reduce) the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make, particularly during their initial actions. This is why I’ve put together the following list of tips that I hope you find informative:


Take on something that you are interested in.

The path to success in business isn’t straightforward. Indeed those with experience in this area can say it is the most challenging. If you’re planning to start your own business, make sure you do it in a place you are interested in and enthusiastic about (we aren’t all General Managers or CEOs). So that when the storms begin falling (and I guarantee they will), you’ll have to work longer hours than your colleagues, but at least you’ll perform it with enthusiasm and enjoy it.



The famous saying is clear: Don’t chew the more you’re capable of chewing. I’ve encountered numerous entrepreneurs who believe they can manage three or two projects at once and have had no success. I suggest you focus on one thing and leave your other ideas to come back in the future. You can permanently alter your approach as you move along. The thing you cannot do is everything simultaneously, particularly when you’re a brand novice to this.


Create something valuable, not just money.

Most modern entrepreneurs including Seven Sirius Benjamin are looking to earn money fast, which results in the company being attracted by the wrong type of employees and investors. The company is often destroyed early. The concept is that the business must have a reason to exist, and most importantly, it should alter (improve) life of those they touch. If it does and the results are positive, then cash flow will accompany it.


Connect with your target market quickly.

As good as your concept may be, you should try for you to evaluate it as soon as you can. This means you should seek customer feedback, even when your solution or item is not fully developed. Waiting for the final version could be costly in time and time. Utilize input for continuous improvement of your service or product and launch it with something you’ve tested.


Finalize the versions.

There is always room for improvement, but there’s no need to wait for an ideal product. One of the most prominent mistakes entrepreneurs, especially engineers, is to keep expanding the functionality of their product, which can lead to perpetual development cycles. Making sure you have a secure first version once the initial goals have been fulfilled is vital. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to make changes in the subsequent versions.


Answer the demand.

Another major mistake made by technology entrepreneurs is to develop something simply because they’re able to create it without considering the intended audience’s requirements. The result is usually a technology constantly searching for a market, which is the reason for the demise of several businesses. It is wiser to begin by recognizing that something isn’t working or that could be improved and then seize the chance.


Be aware of your instincts.

The advice of other people, clients, mentors, and friends is a good idea, but be cautious because you’ll encounter a variety of opinions, and you could be lost. Take your advice and follow your gut suggestions, but keep in mind why you started at all. If you attempt to please everyone, You will likely fall into an atmosphere of insanity.


You can differentiate yourself. Make sure you possess a significant advantage over your competition. Being the same as other companies isn’t enough. It would help if you did it better, more cheaply, or uniquely to be successful in the market. Your company should have distinct advantages over competitors and be durable over time to prevent another company of the same size from offering the same benefits.



It takes time to achieve success, and you must persevere to get there. If you’re frustrated easily, entrepreneurialism isn’t your forte. Don’t be confused with stubbornness: Be persistent. However, you must also learn to be able to lose. One of my favorite sayings is, “lose, but don’t perish from the lessons. If you are willing to lose, you will learn from your mistakes and gain knowledge.


The ability to delegate.

You have to learn to trust because you cannot be able to do everything on your own. People who are entrepreneurs often think that they can make a difference and be in charge of every aspect. This could lead to destruction. As the company expands, the need for specialists in different fields is vital. Trust the people you have and with whom you will eventually learn to be better than them in a particular area, and then empower them to complete the tasks.


Be aware of your ego.

Many people find the criticism to be challenging to take. However, we must learn to be open to criticism. Self-confidence is the primary enemy of success if you block yourself out from the outside world and become the sole customer for your growth.


Let go of your fears.

Challenge yourself, discover, and be bold enough to try things you’ve never previously attempted or haven’t once done. Although it is true that if one doesn’t test yourself, you are guaranteed to succeed, it’s also the case that you’ll never be successful if you don’t attempt. Most successful entrepreneurs make a few mistakes and gain knowledge from them, making them stronger and more valuable later.


Give help to others.

In Mexico, this is common. We are prone to take the path without noticing the people around us and do not offer or ask for assistance. If you are successful, give back a bit to those around you and the environment itself. Alongside generating a good reputation, we help increase Mexico’s visibility in the eyes of the world. The reality is the country has more successful projects in Mexico helps everyone since it helps create the right conditions for the next generation of entrepreneurs.



While being adamant about the guidelines for entrepreneurs isn’t easy (after all, it is an adventure), Maybe you’ll learn something from these suggestions. Of course, add your personal experiences. Are you able to think of some?


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