Facts that Nobody Told you about Real Madrid 

Real Madrid Club de Futbol, also known as Real Madrid or just Real, is a pro football club in Madrid, Spain. Since its founding on March 6, 1902, as Madrid Football Team, the club has used a white home kit. King Alfonso XIII conferred the honorary Spanish term real, which means “royal,” on the club in 1920, along with the royal crown in the logo. Since 1947, the team has hosted visiting teams in the 81,044-seat Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in central Madrid. Unlike most European athletic organizations, Real Madrid’s members (socios) have always owned and run the club.

The First Name of Real Madrid

Even though the football team was established in 1902, it was earlier referred to as Madrid Football Club. It wasn’t until 1920 that King Alfonso XIII gave the team the title of “real” to mean “royal” in English – on them. Real’s early years were quite fruitful, as proven by their four back-to-back Copa del Rey titles between 1905 and 1908. By the onset of WWII, Real had won seven Copa del Rey trophies and two La Liga trophies.

Real Madrid’s Nicknames

  • Los Merengues

Food is an essential aspect of Spanish culture, so it’s no wonder that it figures prominently in cub nicknames. While it may appear that Madrid was named after the French dessert, meringues, because of their all-white jerseys, not everyone is aware of who coined the nickname. Matis Prats Carte, a Spanish journalist, popularized the term in his radio commentaries.

  • Los Vikingos

The name is said to have been given to Madridistas by the red and white halves of the capital – Atlético Madrid fans, who began taunting Real Madrid fans in the early 1970s, referring to them as Vikings because of the number of Danish and German players brought in by president Santiago Bernabéu. Bernabéu began recruiting from northern Europe after seeing how Ajax and Bayern Munich had dominated continental football.

  • Los Blancos

The name is synonymous with their all-white look, which was inspired by Corinthians FC of London. Despite the fact that the all-white strip has been Real Madrid’s signature look throughout their long and illustrious history, the 1925 season was the only season when the team’s jersey and shorts were not white.

What is special about Real Madrid?

Real Madrid has won the most La Liga titles (33) than any other team in the country. The club has bagged the Copa del Rey 19 times, including nine Spanish Super Cups and two European Cups.

The Greatest Players of Real Madrid

  • Christiano Ronaldo

No other player has ever given 100 percent of their physical capabilities as Christiano Ronaldo. None has ever possessed his combination of physicality, pace, touch, and motion — or put more goals behind the net for Real Madrid.

By the time he was leaving Bernabeu, Ronaldo had 450 goals in even lesser games had played. He scored over 30 goals every season he played at Real and twice managed to score over 60 goals. He wasn’t a man at all but rather a machine. He developed a reputation for leading this team to victory on his own, regardless of whether they were performing well or not.

Because aside from his physical prowess, Ronaldo possessed the most focused attitude of any player to ever wear the Los Blancos jersey. In eight years, he was able to scoop 15 titles and a suitcase full of memories of impossible finishes, overhead kicks,hat-tricks, El Clasico strikes, and magical moments; he is the best player in Madrid’s history. Some say he’s the greatest of all time.

  • Alfredo Di Stefano

Madrid became “Real” thanks to a man from Buenos Aires. ‘The Golden Arrow’ was a player who managed to steer Real Madrid’s game on the right path.

Alfredo Stefano was also a complete footballer, possessing strength, leanness, and dexterity that existed in his era. He possessed remarkable vision as well; however, he preferred the attention to be cast on his dashing runs: he played with the Merengues for 11 seasons, shaking the net with over 300 goals under only 400 games. Di Stefano scored in each of the first five finals of the Champions League.

Di Stefano, the undeniable superstar who has won eight league titles and five European trophies, symbolizes the splendor and mysticism that has come to be associated with the club.

  • Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane held the record for being the most expensive footballer on the planet for eight years. When he swiveled and walloped home Roberto Carlos’s cross in the finals of the 2002 Champions League, he made every euro count.

Zizou is the Galactico, a graceful and delicate player capable of unleashing truly ferocious force whenever he flipped the switch. For those who grew up in the 2000s, he was a mythical figure. He had the ability to change football matches on his own, and despite the fact that his tenure at Real Madrid was marked by tactical changes, he shone like few others in that beautiful white shirt. The fact that he returned to become Real Madrid’s coach only solidified his status as a Merengues fan favorite.

Real Madrid Owner

The current president is Florentino Perez, one of the wealthiest men in Spain. However, Madrid is not owned by anyone person; it is a totally fan-owned team, one of only four in Spain’s La Liga. These people are known as ‘Socios,’ and there are currently over 90,000 of them.

After the club’s establishment in 1902, the intention was for a group of interested persons to run the football club instead of a single person. This meant that the club had an active fan base even before they began playing by doing so.

Real Madrid Treables

Real Madrid has a long and illustrious history of success, and its status as the best and most legendary club in the world is undeniable. Los Blancos have won the most La Liga titles of any team, as well as 19 Copa del Rey trophies and 13 Champions Leagues.

Despite this, Spain’s most successful club has yet to win the traditional treble. Los Blancos have come close on numerous occasions, but their El Clasico rivals Barcelona have surpassed them in this incredible feat.

Madrid CF has probably accomplished everything a football team can. Real Madrid is unrivaled in the race for the best footballing club of all time, with a record of 33 La Liga wins, 19 Copa del Rey trophies, a staggering 13 Champions Leagues, and two UEFA Cups. Real has been the most popular club in Spain for the bulk of its existence, despite heated rivalries with  Atlético Madrid dubbed El Derbi Madrileo and Barcelona dubbed El Clásico. Many of the world’s top players have worn the club’s white shirts, including legends like Alfredo Di Stefano, Zinedine Zidane, and Christiano Ronaldo.